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Violin Restorer


Graduated in 2007 from the Swiss School of Violin Making, Brienz, Switzerland.

Four years of training, under the direction of Hansruedi Hoesli, Simon Glaus, and Jean-Jacques Fastnacht, internationnally reknowned violin restoration expert.


2007, 2008 : a bit of change of horizons... Violin-making in Central America.


I had the opportunity to meet and work with many different makers, restorers and musicians.  Costa Ricans, Mexicans, Cubans... Different ways to live and feel music, strong traditions and new experimentations, great people, and highly gifted handworkers


I worked as a volunteer within the music school of Santa Ana, Costa Rica (partnership with the Music Conservatory of Sion, Switzerland), then with the music department of the University of Chiapas (UNICACH) in Tuxtla Guttierez, Mexico, with  Mr. et Mrs. H. and A. Plancarte, violin-makers in Queretaro, Mexico, for el Maestro  E. Ramirez, violin-maker in Tepoztlan, Mexico... ​



2009, back to France.  Violin making and restoration workshops, back to the old european tradition and knowledge (and a little new music too)

Various internships in the workshops of masters makers and restorers. Ms Hélène Guichard,in Grenoble, Mr Claude Macabrey in Lyon, Mr Bodo Vosshenrich in Villemur sur Tarn ...



2009 till now, Hong Kong.


It's been seven years now I settled down in Hong Kong.


I had the priviledge of having Mr Vincent Gonthier as a master and teacher, and  definitely specialized in the restoration of high quality music instruments. Within Orfeo Strings first, as the direct assistant of Mr Vincent Gonthier and Mr Dany Chan, then as a senior restorer within Vincent Gonthier Fine Violins, I had the opportunity to study, restore and finetune  some of the most beautiful pieces of famous antique masters and be at the service of musicians from the Hong Kong Philharmonic, the Simphonietta, the Macau Orchestra and great musician from everywhere in Asia.

I settled on my own in 2014, and created The Violin Workshop, in Sheung Wan. I am extremely thankful to all the musicians who now place their trust in me and my work.


2017, Chichilianne, France

Recently, love and family have brought me back to France. I have relocated the workshop, and I now share my time between Hong Kong and a little village called Chichilianne in the heart of the French Alps,  feeling lucky to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the mountains while serving musicians on both sides of the world.


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